NEW 123
Launch of The Barcodes CD "Live! in session for The BBC"
at The Eel Pie Club, Twickenham - March 5 2008

With very special guests THE INCREDIBLE BLUES PUPPIES
Art Themen & Nick Newall
Special Guests: Nick Newall(sax), Art Themen(sax), Robin Jones(tom toms), Gyipie Mayo(guitar),
Paul Cox(vocal),Jim Mercer(bass) Shakey Vick(harmonica), John T-Bone(guitar), Tom Nolan(guitar)
The Incredible Blues Puppies
with Gypie Mayo
The Incredible Blues Puppies
Costa Tancredi, Bob Haddrell, Dino Coccia, John O'Reiiley & Alan Glen
The Incredible Blues Puppies
with Tom Nolan